August 9, 2008

Bullet Points

I've been sort of on tilt lately -- lots going on, lots to think about, and no way to even begin figuring out where things really stand until after the elections. So here are some quick thoughts by way of clearing my head to look at some specifics going forward.
  • The only thing that matters in the elections is defeating the Republicans. There are no other issues: the Republican Party is a criminal organization, and we can't stand another Republican appointment on the Supreme Court.
  • We need to increase the Democratic majorities in both house of Congress as much as possible. The good news is that if the public had an objective understanding of the situation, not a single Republican would win; the bad news is that the public is obviously far short of being well-informed, let alone objective. Nevertheless, the situation is very favorable.
  • The Bush administration's brief in the detainee cases consists of two parts: the part that has broad support in the Republican caucus, and the part Cheney and Addington have been shoving down throats for six and half years. All of it is unlawful.
  • The thing I most dislike about McCain is that he was willing to go along with them for the sake of his political ambitions -- he is a victim of torture and war crimes who was willing to aid and abet torture and war crimes.
  • The Bush detainee policies will not survive in the next administration. Under Obama they will change a lot, but even McCain will change some things. After the elections, we will see where things stand.
  • I'm not willing to compromise on anything at this point. Obama's job is to win, and if he does, then every issue should be looked at with fresh eyes and an open mind.
  • Iraq must end ASAP. If it was up to me, I'd order an evacuation in 16 weeks, not 16 months. Anyone who thinks the surge was a "success" is a fool: success isn't possible when there's nothing to gain.
  • In Afghanistan, we should either pacify the tribal areas of Pakistan and get out ASAP (leaving the occupation to Pakistan), or get out now ASAP.
  • Terrorism is a crime, that's all that it is, and approaching the problem as a war is self-defeating -- witness the disgraceful, pointless failures and war crimes of the last six and half years.


Anonymous said...

Hey Charles,
I would have to agree about the Republicans and their overdue hiatus from all things involving the government, but we should also be careful that we don't hand to the Democrats what the Republicans were trying to steal.

Charles Gittings said...
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Charles Gittings said...


Well I've always said that the toughest part of my project would come after the tide turned because of similar concerns, but I don't believe the Democrats are a threat to the institutional integrity of the nation the way Republicans are. Between the religious right and the neo-fascists, the Republicans have ceased to be anything but a political cancer in the same sense the German Nazis and Soviet Communists were.

The big danger with the Democrats is that they will compromise things we cannot afford to compromise -- or be timid in things that call for decisive action -- for reasons of political expedience and CW. This isn't so much a matter of policy as it is of basic institutional integrity, and the fact that we face so many pressing policy issues and have many deep-seated flaws in our political system only reinforces my view. You can't solve anything if you can't think clearly, and our political system is, in effect, the nation's "brain" when it comes to decision-making.

Anonymous said...

As Suskind's book proves, Bush & Cheney lied, thousands died.

Have we gotten past the barrier for "high crimes and misdemeanors" yet?

He was on Stewart's TDS tonight, and John asked Suskind that.

Meanwhile, the Democrats ( Edwards ) seem to be sneaking about creating life.

Hello Charles, nice site you got here.

Hope I don't muck it up. :-)


Charles Gittings said...

Hi Basil,

Thanks for the kind words, and also for pointing out Suskind's appearance on the Daily Show -- that was very funny.

Anonymous said...

Good words.